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Empowering Digital Transformation

Data2Sustain, a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) in Ireland’s North and West, focuses on advancing digitalisation and data innovation for businesses and public bodies.

Our funded consortium includes the region’s universities, research centres, innovation gateways across ten locations and all the region’s business support agencies, led by a one-stop-shop Data2Sustain Director and Digital Leadership Group.

With numerous services available, we help advance your digital competitiveness and solutions with data-driven innovation projects, sector-relevant consultancy and pilots, business model development, ecosystem funding access, and skills and capacity building.

We work to combine digital and technology expertise with domain, sector, and industry specific applications across all the expertise and networks of the universities and research and innovation capacity as well as our other partners.

Services are available at a 100% discount to qualifying entities.

Collaboration and Impact

Our strength lies in collaboration and a one-stop approach.

Working closely across our consortium partners, and when required , in partnership with three national EDIH partners and wider European EDIH network, we facilitate knowledge exchange and innovative solutions to help drive near-term and sustainable impact.

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Meet The Partners

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