Digital-Driven Sustainable Tourism

Join us for the Digital-Driven Sustainable Tourism webinar, hosted by ERNACT as part of the Data2Sustain project.

On the 28th of May at 10:00 Irish time (11:00 CET) we will uncover how digital technologies can drive sustainable tourism forward.

During this webinar, we will hear from our Atlantic Technological University on success and failures of digital tools for the Atlantic Sustainable Tourism Observatory.
We will also explore examples from other European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) such as one from EDIH DIHBAI-TUR in the Balearic Islands, showcasing innovative digital solutions with a focus on data, technology and circularity.

Additionally, we’ll look in examples from ERNACT, spotlighting EU-funded projects such as TIDE and The Public Link. These examples demonstrate how digital technologies can support and enhance local history and culture and offer interesting perspectives on how to harness technology for sustainable tourism.

We will hear about development of digital indicators for insight into tourism for Saint-Nazaire Agglomération Tourisme supported by the EDIH DIVA of Pays de la Loire.


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Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights, foster connections, and imagine a future where technology and sustainability are seamlessly linked in the tourism sector.


  • Introduction to Data2Sustain – Mike Conroy/Margaret Quinn
  • Atlantic Sustainable Tourism Observatory, Ireland “A good place to live is a good place to visit” – James Hanrahan, Atlantic Technological University
  • Circularity, Data and Technology for Tourism – Dolores Ordoñez, DIHBAI-TUR EDIH (Balearic Islands).
  • Enhanced tourist experience through the use of VR/AR technologies – Jose Manuel San Emeterio, ERNACT.
  • Data-driven tourism management – Mme Sarah HUILIZEN, DIVA EDIH (Pays de la Loire) for Saint-Nazaire Agglomération Tourisme.
  • Q&A Session



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