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What to Expect

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Who is this Service for?


This service utilises 3D Scanning/Probing and 3D Printing equipment at ATU. The 3D scanning/probe equipment comprises a Hexagon Absolute AS1 and a 7-Axis Absolute Arm. The AS1 employs cutting-edge blue laser technology and advanced software to deliver high-productivity non-contact 3D measurements, with scale accuracy to within 43 microns and up to 1.2 million points per second of high-quality measurement data. Additionally, the probing hardware allows for physical touch measurements.

The 3D Printing suite consists of three different forms of printer technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), and Stereolithography (SLA), each suitable for a wide range of applications.

What to Expect

A company manufacturing pressed steel parts in large volumes requires periodic checking of sample parts to ensure the pressing process produces parts within tolerances. Using the 3D scanner and probe, it is possible to produce a digital model of the product, which can then be used for comparison purposes or transformed into a physical model using the 3D printers.

Using the 3D scanner/probe to reverse engineer obsolete parts, resulting in a digital 3D design file. This file can be further edited, or a physical version produced using one of the 3D printers.

Target Sectors

All SME sectors, with a particular focus on the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

What to Expect

This service will commence with a half-day on-site consultation at ATU Letterkenny to demonstrate the 3D scanning/probing equipment and 3D printing. This will be followed by a discussion to determine the company’s requirements.

A short document will be written to outline the required tasks and the achievable output. Each project consists of scanning and probing the object, followed by post-processing of the scan using Solidworks. Should the company require, 3D printing will be performed following the post-processing.

The printing will be completed within two days, subject to materials being available.


You will receive a demonstration and an understanding of 3D Scanning, Probing, and 3D Printing. The output of the main body of work will include a digital 3D model of the part and a physical 3D model if required.

Service Information

Delivery by: ATU – WiSAR Technology Gateway
Service Code: TP113
Duration: 1-2 weeks
Delivery Format: Hybrid
Price: €4,300 (including a €250 material allowance). (This cost can be 100% discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis State Aid*) and for public sector organisations)

*Note on De Minimis Aid

De Minimis Aid is a form of financial support provided to organisations by government authorities. Data2Sustain may offer service discounts of up to 100% to eligible organizations through De Minimis Aid, subject to a cap of €300,000 over three fiscal years per organisation. Our team will follow up with you after booking to determine your eligibility for De Minimis Aid and provide further details on how it can benefit your organisation’s digital transformation.

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