Blockchain and Tokenomics


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This service explores the transformative potential of blockchain technology, a type of distributed ledger that brings transparency and traceability to transactions. Covering various sectors like food supply chains, energy transfer, finance, and land exchanges, it addresses the common issues of data loss, transcription errors, and the lack of standardization in traditional transaction records. Blockchain provides a shared ledger, reducing vulnerabilities and offering a solution where trust is critical by ensuring transparent, immutable, and publicly verifiable records.

What to Expect

Example applications include blockchain for compliance checking, digital assets management, milk recording, veterinary prescriptions management, authenticity checks of court judgments, decentralized supply chain operations, smart grid applications, decentralized finance, tokenomics, and payment channel networks.


This service is an ideal starting point for companies looking to explore or deploy prototype blockchain implementations tailored to specific transaction scenarios.

Service Information

Applicability: Wide-ranging, suitable for various industries.
Delivery by: University of Galway and Insight
Service Code: TP112
Pricing: Open Access with options at €3,000, €5,500, €10,000, €15,000, and €30,000. (This cost can be 100% discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis State Aid*) and for public sector organisations)

*Note on De Minimis Aid

De Minimis Aid is a form of financial support provided to organisations by government authorities. Data2Sustain may offer service discounts of up to 100% to eligible organizations through De Minimis Aid, subject to a cap of €300,000 over three fiscal years per organisation. Our team will follow up with you after booking to determine your eligibility for De Minimis Aid and provide further details on how it can benefit your organisation’s digital transformation.

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