Cloud Horizons: SME Data Migration Pilot


What to Expect

What You Takeaway

Who is this Service for?


Cloud Horizons is a service engineered to guide SMEs through their first critical transition from local data storage to cloud-based solutions.  The primary purpose of the service is to demonstrate the benefits to transition from traditional on-premises data storage systems to cloud-based solutions by selecting a project from within your business.

Beyond the technical aspects of data migration, a shift to the cloud is a shift in business philosophy. Cloud migration can be transformational to a business into a more agile, innovative, and scalable entity. The cloud environment offers more than just storage solutions; it opens new avenues for data accessibility, data scalability, data analytics, process automation, and seamless workflow integrations.

What to Expect

  • Assessment and Planning: Considering the scale and nature of the data to be migrated, a project will be selected for the pilot.  
  • Cloud Environment Setup: Set up the appropriate cloud infrastructure, including selection of the cloud service provider that best fits the client’s needs (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).  
  • Data Migration: Securely transferring data from the SME’s servers to the cloud environment.   
  • Integration: All migrated data and applications are properly integrated and functional.  
  • Testing and Validation: Testing to confirm that data integrity is maintained post-migration.  
  • Training and Support: A training session for the SME staff.  


The following deliverables will be provided:  

  • Completed Cloud Migration: All specified data, applications, and services successfully migrated to the cloud environment for the defined Pilot. 
  • Cloud Infrastructure Setup: A functional cloud infrastructure.  
  • Migration Report: A report detailing the migration process and data integrity checks. 
  • Training Materials: Documentation to assist the SME’s team in navigating and utilizing the cloud environment.  

Service Information

Applicability: SMEs across Retail, Service Industries, Manufacturing, Engineering, etc.
Delivery by: WiSAR, ATU Computing Department
Service Code: TP106
Duration: 2-4 months, with incremental adjustments based on business size and data volume
Delivery Format: Combination of remote and on-site services
Price: €18,000 – €36,000 depending on the scale of migration. Excludes cloud service and software application fees. (This cost can be 100% discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis State Aid*) and for public sector organisations)

*Note on De Minimis Aid

De Minimis Aid is a form of financial support provided to organisations by government authorities. Data2Sustain may offer service discounts of up to 100% to eligible organizations through De Minimis Aid, subject to a cap of €300,000 over three fiscal years per organisation. Our team will follow up with you after booking to determine your eligibility for De Minimis Aid and provide further details on how it can benefit your organisation’s digital transformation.

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