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What to Expect

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Who is this Service for?


This service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team from ATU and the Data2Sustain leadership group, in collaboration with Business Agencies like WestBIC, LEO Network, and Udaras. It aims to assess the digital maturity of enterprises and public sector organisations using the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Digital Maturity Assessment Tool.

What to Expect:

  1. Introduction to Data2Sustain Support: Overview of EDIH support mechanisms and measures.
  2. Initial DMA: Guided assessment through the EU EDIH Network Portal, resulting in a benchmark report and sector/market comparison.
  3. Comprehensive Report: Analysis of company scores across six dimensions: Digital Business Strategy, Digital Readiness, Human-Centric Digitalisation, Data Governance, Automation and AI, and Green Digitalisation.
  4. Structured Business Discussion and documentation of same: Identifying company priorities and towards relevant services and supports across the consortium or wider.
  5. Facilitation and Program Management: Developing a program intervention and funding supports for the Enterprise.


Digital Maturity Assessment Report, industry benchmarking, identification of potential interventions and services from the Data2Sustain consortium, and access to other consortium services. Further detail relating Digital Maturity, Project scoping and customisation, funding supports available.

Service Information

Applicability: All enterprises and public sector organisations.
Provided by: Data2Sustain core team, ATU, UoG and Agency support.
Service Code: AO100-2
Duration: Up to two days over a series of meetings if required.
Format: Online or on-site.
Pricing: €1,500 (This cost can be 100% discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis State Aid*) and for public sector organisations)

*Note on De Minimis Aid

De Minimis Aid is a form of financial support provided to organisations by government authorities. Data2Sustain may offer service discounts of up to 100% to eligible organizations through De Minimis Aid, subject to a cap of €300,000 over three fiscal years per organisation. Our team will follow up with you after booking to determine your eligibility for De Minimis Aid and provide further details on how it can benefit your organisation’s digital transformation.

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