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What to Expect

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Who is this Service for?


The PEaSY service offers SMEs a pilot demonstration to reveal the advantages of frictionless API integration before full-scale implementation in your organization. This trial lets you experience first-hand how PEaSY can simplify and enhance your operational connectivity and efficiency.  

  • What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is like a bridge that allows different software applications to talk to each other.  
  • Why It’s Important: It lets your business software integrate with other essential services, enhancing functionality and user experience.  
  • Real-World Example:  Imagine a local bookstore with an online store. By using an API, the bookstore’s website can automatically update inventory levels, show real-time shipping rates from a courier, and process payments securely, all through different services working together behind the scenes. APIs are key to modernizing and enhancing your business, making operations smoother, and improving customer engagement.

What to Expect

PEaSY service streamlines API integration for SMEs, blending a ten-point plan: 

  1. Purpose and Type Identification: Determine what the API should do and for who. 
  2. Requirements and Planning: Understand the specific needs and plan out the API’s features.  
  3. Interface Design: Create an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.  
  4. Security Implementation: Set up strong security measures for safe access.  
  5. API Development and Coding: Develop and write the API using the best choice of programming language.  
  6. Testing for Quality: Check the API thoroughly for reliability and effectiveness.  
  7. Documentation for Users: Provide easy-to-understand instructions and information.  
  8. Deployment and Launch: Carefully release the API for use.  
  9. Ongoing Monitoring and Updating: Monitor the API’s performance and make improvements.  
  10. Version Management Plan: Show SMEs how to handle future updates.  



An API Pilot demonstrator to test within your business of with a third-party external API. 

Service Information

Applicability: All SME sectors, including engineering, retail, manufacturing, and services
Service Code: TP108
Delivery by: ATU – WiSAR Technology Gateway supported by ATU Computing Department
Duration: 2-4 months
Delivery Format: Combination of remote and on-site services.
Price:18,000 – €36,000. Excludes cloud service and software application fees. (This cost can be 100% discounted for SMEs (under De Minimis State Aid*) and for public sector organisations)

*Note on De Minimis Aid

De Minimis Aid is a form of financial support provided to organisations by government authorities. Data2Sustain may offer service discounts of up to 100% to eligible organizations through De Minimis Aid, subject to a cap of €300,000 over three fiscal years per organisation. Our team will follow up with you after booking to determine your eligibility for De Minimis Aid and provide further details on how it can benefit your organisation’s digital transformation.

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